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AIAC - ASMG Launches Podcast Series On Reshoring And Manufacturing

This ASMG podcast series gives an objective discussion on the necessity to protect your supply chain by reshoring manufacturing to North America. With the Chinese/US relationship rapidly deteriorating and China's aerospace aspirations growing, this objective discussion will give expert opinion on what's going on in China along with the impact of the covid situation and the threats and (aircraft sales and reshore) opportunities for North American Aerospace companies.

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Lenape Forged Products Corporation, a part of the Aerospace and Specialty Metals Group, provides solutions to the more complex and demanding metal requirements needed to operate America's military, aerospace, and power generation needs.

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The name Lenape has been synonymous with quality custom forgings for over 90 years. Today, Lenape Forged Products Corporation provides the quality, skill and craftsmanship using modern technology and up-to-date facilities to produce custom forgings for the most sophisticated applications.
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Lenape offers a complete line of standard manways in a wide range of sizes. We have achieved a level of perfection with our manufacturing of manways. Generations of skilled Lenape craftsmen developed and evolved the techniques and unique skills that gave our manways their sound reputation.
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Lenape Forged Products Corporation has become the go-to source for many well-known firms. We are known not just for quality, but for creating custom products efficiently and cost effectively as well as creating standard products that are the bench-marks for performance in many industries.
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Ferrous metals: Carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys of all types.
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Specializing in high nickel steel, monel, copper and copper alloys.
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Abating Chinese Supply Chain Risks

Much has been recently written about the fragility of global supply chains. COVID 19, the trade war, increasing tariffs, and a sliding dollar have all been cited as good reasons to revisit the rationale of global sourcing and consider re-shoring. What has not been written about is the situation on the ground in China.

The industrial supply base in China is in turmoil, many manufacturing companies have gone out of business, and many more are on the verge of doing so. It is anticipated that 30% of these companies will be gone in a matter of months, most truly informed observers consider that figure optimistic.

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